Become a Email Marketing Reseller

MailMart Offers Email Marketing to your clients
Join our existing organization that Offers White Label Email Marketing. With MailMart you can quickly offer a leading email marketing solution for your clients & share the revenue!
Some Key Features of White Label Email Marketing
  • Quickly create accounts
    Quickly create accounts for your clients instantly as needed and make updates to any of your accounts you manage at any time.
  • Free Trial Accounts
    Instantly create free trials for potential clients. Free trials can be branded just like your paid accounts.
  • Manage Control Panel
    Your partner control panel allows you to create accounts, manage them, login (with a single click) to client accounts, and more.
  • Own Domain
    Each client has their own domain : Your clients can enjoy all that we have to offer including lists, user management, full campaign controls, and more.
  • Rebrand the Service
    Being an Email Marketing Agency You can choose to co-brand the service or remove all references to us and only show your own branding. i.e
    White label Email Panel
  • Sales Support
    Sales training for your new business team by your dedicated consultant,In depth technical training on our solutions and integrations,Client-pitch support as and when you require
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