Email Marketing FAQ

  • How do I get a list of contacts?
    Start with your business address book. We can also add a "sign up to our newsletter form" to your website that automatically updates your list.
  • How can I grow my list?
    Bribery is always a good tactic! Offering genuinely useful information, a free gift, or prize helps encourage people to sign-up and forward your emails.
  • Can I buy email marketing lists?
    Yes, although unethical, and such lists can contain addresses of people who haven't "opted in" (given you their permission to contact them).
  • How many contacts do I need?
    It's a numbers game. The more contacts you have, the more people will read and respond to your messages. There is no limit to the size of your list.
  • How do I target my messages?
    By dividing your initial list into smaller categories, you can send a more sepecific message to specific people. We can help you do this.
  • Can I get in to trouble for spam?
    Our software automatically appends the required legal information. Provided your list only contains opt-in contacts, you needn't worry.
  • How do people unsubscribe?
    Our email marketing software automatically adds an unsubscribe link (in header) to each email. When clicked, this allows removal from either one list or all lists.
  • How do I design my emails?
    There are a few ways. Use our software to design it yourself, or have one of our designers make one.
  • Do I need to know HTML?
    There is no need to know high level html, you can do as much or as little as you like.
  • Can I automate my emails?
    Yes, the system also allows scheduled sending so you can set a date and time for the email to send.
  • What CTR (click through rate) and read rate should I aim for?
    The average permission based CTR is around 7%, with a read rate of around 30% however data quality, message quality and other variables will affect this.
  • How effective is email marketing?
    This is affected by the list quality, and the quality of your message. If you have 1000 contacts and 7% click through rate, that's 70 hits to your site, instantly.
  • What about blacklists?
    We closely monitor our users and vet them to avoid our systems being abused. Our servers are whitelisted and we schedule regular blacklist checks.
  • Why should I use ALT Tags on my images?
    Alt tags are important to show email clients such as Outlook block images unless the recipient requests to view them.
  • How do I write good ALT Tags?
    Your ALT tag should contain up to ten words to describe the image or the result of clicking on it.
  • Are there any words that trigger spam filters?
    Aside from the obvious, using dollar or pound signs, lots of capitals, even the word "FREE". We have a list of words to avoid here.
  • How do I write a good subject line?
    Avoid any of the above words. Make it relevant; use your name, the date, the season, current affairs and special offers to entice recipients.
  • Is there a best time to send business emails?
    For business customers, around midday on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are statistically the best times.
  • Is there a best time to send domestic emails?
    For domestic customers, it's down to the individual. By categorising and scheduling your lists to preferred delivery times, you can increase your read rate.
  • How can I be sure the message will display properly?
    Each email client works slightly differently. You can see a preivew of popular email clients (gmail, yahoo, outlook etc..).